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do 16 mei


Joniec, Polen

Somatic Soul Exploration: a 4-day workshop

In this 4-day workshop we navigate through the depths of our body and souls with Family Constellations, Breathwork and Somatic Practices. We explore profound healing with a deep dive into our body and familydynamics.

Somatic Soul Exploration: a 4-day workshop
Somatic Soul Exploration: a 4-day workshop

Tijd en locatie

16 mei 2024, 09:00 – 19 mei 2024, 16:00

Joniec, Polen, 09-131 Joniec, Polen

Over de workshop

Step into a transformative workshop where the primary focus is to restore the flow of energy within your body and the dynamics of your family.

Are you seeking space for heightened self-awareness, to explore the flexibility of your patterns within your family dynamics and your own physical being?

Patterns often emerge during intense periods or pivotal events, acting as shields against the overwhelming waves of emotions. 

They enable us to navigate life's demands without being overwhelmed by the full spectrum of feelings, allowing us to adapt and carry on with our responsibilities.

As adults, these very patterns can manifest as restrictions, hindering our ability to forge meaningful relationships, discover our life's purpose of establish genuine connections. The results may be fear, a sense of disconnection, physical symptoms, no meaningful job.... Al obstacles that stop us from living the life we truly desire.

Our workshop employs two powerful methods: familyconstellations and BBTRS (biodynamic breathwork and traumarelease). Together, they create a synergistic approach that reconnects you with your core self, unveiling the potential for movement and energy flow. 

By delving into the complexity of familial and personal dynamics, these methods empower you to break free from constraints, facilitating a journey toward the life you truly want.

Join us and rediscover the pathways to a more liberated and energized existence!


Systemic work is a way to gain insight into your own place in a system, any system, and your relationship with the others in that system. You can experience where obstacles lie and why you keep falling back into certain behavior that hinders your development and growth.

A constellation is a spatial representation of a certain system (family, relationship, organization, etc. etc). The purpose of a constellation is to experience and gain insight into symptoms and unconscious dynamics. A constellation works with so-called “representatives”. These are people or objects that represent persons or abstract concepts. These representatives are given a place in the room. Once they have taken their place, they plug into an energy field and information is released about the themes and dynamics that want to become visible. 

In this way, a family constellation gives us an idea of ​​what is going on in the family system. It makes unconscious connections visible and shows which movement can be necessary and healing for the questioner.

As a representative, you are asked to take the place of a member (or aspect) of the system. You can trust that you will automatically feel (and express) what is right, even if you have never attended a family constellation. This helps you make the underlying dynamics visible and tangible. You may always refuse a request to represent without reason. As a representative you are also moved and touched by a constellation. It is never a coincidence that you are chosen for a particular person or theme. Themes and dynamics in families are universal, so your own themes are also touched upon.

In this way a familyconstellation shows every time how connected we are as humans. We can step into that energy feeld, feel and know things that our mind can't understand. The theme's that become visible during a constellation are universal, we recognise ourselve in the others.

Biodynamic breathwork and trauma release

Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System (BBTRS) harnesses the profound power of breathwork to activate the innate

healing mechanisms of the body, providing a gateway to empowerment and self-discovery. By tapping into the bodys natural nervous system processes, BBTRS facilitates a journey toward heightened self- awareness and well-being.

In the BBTRS, the breath becomes a vehicle for heightened sensory perception, allowing individuals to more keenly sense the nuances of their internal landscape. Through expert guidance and coaching, participants learn to embrace and feel the sensations appearing in their bodies. This heightened awareness serves as a catalyst for a natural, organic expression that has the transformative potential to release long-held tension or emotional blocks.

The process extends beyond breathwork, incorporating a holistic approach to wellness. Elements such as meditation, bodywork, soundtherapy, and the expression of emotions complement the breathwork practice, creating a comprehensive and immersive healing environment.

Through this multi-faceted approach, BBTRS offers a unique and effective way for individuals to reconnect with their bodies, unlock deep-seated tensions, and embark on a journey towards healing and self-liberation.

Workshop Structure

The day is structured to allow participants to engage in two or three constellations, providing everyone with the opportunity to explore their questions or concerns.

The breathwork sessions are strategically placed to complement ans support the emotional and energetic release that may occur during the constellations.

Each day will start with some gentle exercises to prepare for the day ahead. Focusing on the breath can help center and ground, creating a mindful and present state.

Maximum 10 people.


We start at 9:30 on Thursday 16th May 2024 and we finish at 16:00 on Sunday 19th May 2024.

The activities are planned everyday from 9:00 till approximately 17:00. On Sunday we will finish around 16:00.


Joniec, Polen.

The workshop will take place in the cosy venue of Aisha and Mark Archer, in the middle of the woods, one hour drive from Warschau.

You can find sleeping accomodation in the village (10 min walk), to find on Contact us if you need some help with that. 


This 4-day workshop costs you: 490 euro

This includes: 

  • guidance of this 4-day workshop, 
  • drinks, refreshments, lunch during the day

Not included: 

  • diner
  • accomodation to sleep
  • transport to the venue (we can arrange taxi from the airport)


Aisha Archer is a dedicated body-based therapist, specializing as a certified Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release System® (BBTRS®) practitioner and mentor, Seven Directions Breathwork® mentor and facilitator. 

Her journey in holistic well-being led her to complete the Academy of Systematic Kinesiology® in London, further enriching her expertise.

But her most profound and transformative education unfolded through the journey of conquering her own mental and emotional challenges. It wasn't from textbooks or lectures but from dealing with self-doubt, fear, and tough times. 

Challenges appeared in every aspect of her life and in overcoming them, she found the doors to a deeper understanding of herself and the world.

All this became the catalyst for a continual journey of peaceful transformation in the beautiful adventure called Life.

At the core of her work, Aisha passionately supports women in their journey of self-discovery, tapping into their feminine creativity and unlocking their true potential from the depths of their hearts and pelvises. In her sessions, she skilfully creates a nurturing space, empowering women to unleash their voices of inner freedom and discover emotional flow, fostering peace through all

emotional states.

She will lead the meditations and lead/support the breathworksessions. She is the hostess of the venue and will welcome us warmly and create a safe space.

Astrid Alders is a  highly skilled and experienced clinical psychologist and psychotherapist. With over 15 years of experience in the clinical psychology sector, she transitioned to an independent practice in 2015, committed to provide individuals and groups the space to explore their inner selves and facilitate healing.

She has a deep fascination with the impact of systems on individuals, leading her to pursue intensive training in systemic therapy and constellations, exploring the intricate familydynamics that shape individuals' choices.

During the years, she has recognized the limitations of purely rational understanding and embraced a holistic perspective. 

She experienced different therapies that focus on the effect of trauma on our physical body. When she got in touch with biodynamic breathwork and trauma release she felt the depth of this therapeutic modality. It had a major effect on her own live, becoming more grounded, connected to herself and able to move through intense emotions and sensations.

Now in her practice she focusses on traumarelease, giving space for people to physically experience and release blockages, bringing them closer to the wisdom of their bodies.

In this workshop she will lead the constellations during the day, and support the breathwork sessions.

Mark Archer 

Meet Mark, a highly skilled body-based therapist specializing in Biodynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System. Mark's unique approach is shaped by a diverse range of therapeutic modalities, including Internal Family Systems, Clean Language, and Bioenergetics. In his practice, Mark seamlessly integrates these powerful tools to create a holistic and client-centered experience. His expertise allows him to meet clients at their individual starting points, facilitating a journey that harmoniously unites mind and body. With a commitment to empowering his clients, Mark guides them in uncovering and releasing the barriers that may be hindering their full life potential. 

Embark on a transformative exploration with Mark as your dedicated guide, and experience the profound synergy of mind and body working together towards your personal growth and well-being.

He will lead the breathworksessions and spoil us with his soundhealing talent. He is the host of the venue and will welcome us warmly and create a safe space.

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